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The Wind Strikes Again

As shocking as it is to most Florence residents, we had a pretty decent wind storm a few days after Christmas that knocked out power for nearly the entire town. We had a similar event the last week of November but the outcome was pretty different.

The power outage in November ultimately took our tower down at roughly 3am as the backup generator system was not functioning yet. After a hard days work with our tower operator and other cell tower operators on site, we were able to get the tower for our operator up and running. With this power outage last week we incurred no down in our systems. Both of our primary locations ran perfectly on their backup batteries until the generators were able to be powered on.

Siuslaw Broadband had nearly 90% of its customers without power, but maintained internet services for the entire affected area. Below is a graph of our internet traffic for the time of the outage. As you can clearly see, we had a major drop in traffic shortly before 5pm and saw little to no traffic while the bulk of the town was without power.

There were a few isolated spots that still had power, mostly south of town surprisingly enough, that were able to access all services which attributed to our very small volumes of traffic during the outage. As expected, once the PUD began restoring service across the city, everybody started using those new iPad’s they got for Christmas to get online again.


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