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A windy evening

As some of you early birds may have noticed, our service went down early this morning. Shortly after 2am, the power to the tower site on Glenada hill was lost, taking down all power into our building and our tower. We ran on our battery backup for roughly one hour until the batteries had been depleted around 3am. We had a technician on site within a few hours and had stable service returned shortly after 8am.

All of the tower is without power, hence why you probably can’t get a few radio stations or local on-air television at the moment. The tower operator has been planning to add a generator, but the project has not been completed yet. Steps are currently underway to get temporary access to another generator at the tower site to avoid issues like this in the immediate future. We continue to run on our own generator without issue.

It appears the most of our clients south of town were offline this morning and without power, but had it restored sometime between 10am and 11am. If anyone has any persistent issues with their internet today, do not hesitate to give us a call at 541-902-5101.

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