Sweet Creek Falls

As a local business owner here in Florence I am always looking for the best value in the supplies and services that help me maintain my business, and if I can find that service locally to help keep dollars here in Florence I do that. I rely on my internet connection for processing credit cards, processing orders, even our POS ( Point of Sale Cash Register ) all relies on the internet.  Siuslaw Broadband meets and exceeds all of my expectations with not only a great service at a great price but with exceptional customer service.

If ever I need service 24 hours a day I can call Robbie at Siuslaw Broadband and no matter the time of day he and his wonderful staff take care of my business right away. No calling a 800 number in some other state and having to wade through a endless “press 1” for this or “press 2” for that. I get a real person in real time and I get real service right away. With so many things to worry about as a business owner I can absolutely testify that my broadband connection is one thing I never have to worry about. If you are either a business owner or a residential customer looking for fast and reliable internet services look no further than Siuslaw Broadband, you will never be sorry that you did.


Laura B and Thomas MPremier Landscaping

I did not get a chance to thank you for all your effort and the deal on the installation. I hope you get lots of new customers because you guys rock. No credit check, bundling and all the other crap internet companies put you through. But, Robbie you can still have my first born. LOL. Am very pleased with the speed of my internet and can stream pretty good so far, although, I haven’t hooked it up to the TV yet. Basically, you guys rock and I am glad that circumstances lead me to you.

Nancy P

Siuslaw Broadband is fast and very reliable. Despite horrendous winter weather, they remain functioning when not much else was. Their service is also top notch! I love my SB service.

Marsha F

Here’s a three word summation of my experience with Siuslaw Broadband’s Robbie and Stephanie Wright:  SMOOTH AND EFFECTIVE.

Lawrence B

No Dish network but my Siuslaw Broadband is speeding right along! Thanks

Sadie W

Robbie Wright and the rest of the team at Siuslaw Broadband are true experts at all things involving the internet. Whether you’re talking about bandwidth, connectivity, speed issues, security, hardware or software issues, Siuslaw Broadband knows exactly what’s going on and exactly what needs to happen. Very fast, extremely knowledgeable, completely trustworthy, and always reliable — 100% of the time.  I could not manage through the complexities of today’s online world without their help, and know anyone would definitely appreciate having Siuslaw Broadband on their side.

Jeffry PThe Financial Brand

Thanks a ton to the crew at Siuslaw Broadband.  When others would not, they came through in a pinch to make our event  go off without a hitch.  You guys rock!

Ahren C

I have been with Siuslaw Broadband since they started and I have never been anything less then one-hundred percent satisfied. They have excellent customer service and any connection or hardware problems are dealt with immediately if not sooner!!  I have tried the others, and can honestly say that no one else even comes close! And now that they are offering even faster speeds, I’m definitely telling everyone I know to get hooked up with the best!!

Zach L

Siuslaw Broadband was exactly what we have been looking for after our  poor experience with tradtional providers and their pricing inconsistencies/contracts.  Additionally, Robbie customized a program for our condo association.  The service and customer service has been outstanding.  Have the conversation with Siuslaw Broadband regarding a different way of doing business.

Tom and Debbie PPrincipal Financial Group