A close up pictures of blue networking cables

reliability + speed =  performance




Siuslaw Broadband’s all IP-based network is built from the ground up with redundancy in mind. It gets a little windy on the Oregon coast. It tends to a rain a bit. The power goes out. Lighting strikes. The Beavers win. Anything can happen to a computer network, but Siuslaw Broadband’s core network has been built with these “acts of god” in mind.

Every key component in our network has been doubled. We’ve got two routers at each of our network locations. We’ve got two switches at each location. You name it, we’ve got two in production. And actually, we’ve got three. We also stock “hot stand-bys”, aka replacements, that have been pre-programmed and are ready to be deployed into the field at a moment’s notice.


The network of Siuslaw Broadband is built on fiber optics and fixed wireless. We’ve paired licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies to bring fiber-like speeds to the Oregon coast. Siuslaw Broadband uses carrier grade technology and networking protocols to ensure that the speed of our network rivals that of any residential or commercial ISP.

The internet is based on many scary acronyms like SONET, HSRP, VRRP, MPLS, EIGRP, DNS, and BGP. But we use these technologies to deliver internet services to our customers at blindingly fast speeds.