A Woman’s Perspective

My husband, Robbie, is the brains behind this company, this idea, this dream of providing a quality internet service. He truly believes that internet can change peoples’ lives, and that’s just what he intends to do. Internet is the new everything- family, friendship, work, research, knowledge, entertainment. Internet can make you feel like you are somewhere else, like you are with those you love.

I have learned a lot this last year. Not only about how internet works (which I have), but also about how important internet is. I’ve always taken it for granted, opened my lab top and expected it to work. I expect to be able to check my facebook, check my e-mail, find my coupon deals, and buy my son clothes. And my husband is right, it has changed our lives.

So we are ready. We’ve done our research. We’re ready to go live. And now with it just a week away I find myself excited instead of nervous. Why? Because I know that we can bring quality internet into your living rooms, I know that you will be able to keep in contact with those you love, and I know that you will find a happy couple that has committed to bringing that to you.

Whatever you are using the internet for, it is important. Because internet changed our lives, and it will change yours too.

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